3 Every Day – Dairy Misconceptions

Posted by  //  November 25, 2013  //  3 Every Day, Articles

In our ever changing world, several misunderstandings about dairy farming prevent the support and thanks hard working farmers deserve. My name is Julia Fouts, and I am a Dairy Princess Ambassador for Tompkins County. Being a sophomore at a public school, I hear many misconceptions about farming. There are myths floating around that can be aggravating and frustrating to the people who devote their lives to producing quality dairy products for their community. One fallacy is farmers are uneducated and unsophisticated, when, in fact, the most successful farmers are the ones who had years of training and attended a university for a proper degree. Farming involves many skills, such as mathematics for the construction of new barns, business skills for selling their products, and knowledge of effective nutrients to improve air quality and public health. Another common myth is cows are not well-cared for. In reality, cows’ health is incredibly important to dairy farmers because proper animal care leads directly to wholesome, high-quality milk. Farmers are sure to provide clean, comfortable bedding and constantly keep food and water available for their cows. They work with veterinarians, nutritionists, and crop specialists to ensure that their cows are happy and healthy. What many do not know is dairy farmers work hard every day to provide high-quality milk by caring for their cows and preserving the very air we breathe.

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