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Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Northern Saw-whet Owl
March 19, 2023, No Comments

The Northern Saw-whet owl is one of the world’s smallest owl species, measuring just 7 – 8.5 inches tall.  It h ...

Homer Fire Station
Homer Fire Station
March 19, 2023, No Comments

By Jaxyn Boyce Founded in 1873 through Triumph Hose number one, it has continued to grow, adding two additional companie ...

Irish Community
The Irish Community of Cortland
March 5, 2023, No Comments

By Jaxyn Boyce During the 1830s an emergence was created as the first Irish settlers landed in Cortland, New York. Later ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Porcupines & Fishers in Winter
February 20, 2023, No Comments

Porcupines don’t hibernate in winter, but during bouts of severe weather they seek shelter inside hollow logs and tree ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Trumpeter Swans Staging a Comeback
February 6, 2023, No Comments

After indiscriminate hunting nearly erased them from the landscape over 200 years ago, trumpeter swans are now reclaimin ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – New Life in the Bleak Midwinter
January 22, 2023, No Comments

From the last half of January into early February, black bears will be giving birth to their cubs.  It’s hard to reco ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Bluebirds in Winter
January 13, 2023, No Comments

Perhaps you’ve seen one or more bluebirds flitting about this winter and wondered why they didn’t fly the coop for w ...

Creature Feature – Christmas Eve in the Forest
December 21, 2022, No Comments

For all the children and young at heart… ‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the land, The wild things ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – “Snowbird”
December 4, 2022, No Comments

The dark-eyed junco, or “snowbird” is a wee sprite, measuring just five inches long, including its tail.  Like wint ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Tales from the Tree Stand
November 20, 2022, No Comments

A few amusing anecdotes for hunters and non-hunters, alike! From a stand on his friend’s family land, a hunter watched ...