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Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Handling Big Fish Properly
March 27, 2021, No Comments

Catch-and-release anglers strive to return fish to the water in good shape, as studies prove they can survive, thrive an ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Music to Our Ears
March 9, 2021, No Comments

March is finally here, and soon we welcome spring’s official arrival.  There are other special arrivals to celebrate ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Snuggly Snoozers
February 27, 2021, No Comments

Unlike some animals, striped skunks don’t stockpile food for the winter months.  Instead, they eat as much as they ca ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Wild Valentines
February 10, 2021, No Comments

Animals prefer love on the wild side, making their intentions known in ways that clearly say, “BE MINE.” Red foxes b ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Animals & Wedding Customs
January 28, 2021, No Comments

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  Most Americans recognize this wedding day trad ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – Northern Pike
January 11, 2021, No Comments

Northern pike are aggressive freshwater carnivores that stalk the lakes and rivers of the U.S., Canada, Russia and parts ...

Creature Feature
Creature Feature – These Gifts Are “for the Birds!”
December 21, 2020, No Comments

‘Tis the season for exchanging gifts with the special people in our lives, but did you know that some wildlife species ...

Mike’s Fish Tank – Blue Lobster & Ghost Shrimp
December 21, 2020, No Comments

A lot of people are interested in other types of creatures besides fish for their aquarium. Here are a couple ideas. The ...

Mike’s Fish Tank – Fiddler Crabs
November 23, 2020, No Comments

A lot of people come to me and wonder why their fiddler crab died. Fiddler crabs are only semi-aquatic, meaning they liv ...

Mike’s Fish Tank – Cory Cats
November 23, 2020, No Comments

Cory cats are a very popular fish. They are well suited to tropical freshwater community aquariums, as they get along we ...