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Life on a Dairy Farm
November 25, 2015, No Comments

By Julia Fouts Life on a dairy farm can be hard to imagine for those who have not worked in such a field. Many people un ...

3 Every Day – Dairying up Halloween Treats
October 16, 2014, No Comments

Do you ever consider how much candy there is in October?  Just because Halloween is in that month does not mean you sho ...

3 Every Day
3 Every Day
September 18, 2014, No Comments

Commitment is important in any relationship, which is something dairy farmers know best. Their entire job revolves aroun ...

3 Every Day – Learning About Dairy
September 1, 2014, No Comments

As September nears, so does the beginning of the school year. Between homework, sports practices, and club meetings, it& ...

3 Every Day – Dairy Misconceptions
November 25, 2013, No Comments

In our ever changing world, several misunderstandings about dairy farming prevent the support and thanks hard working fa ...

3 Every Day
3 Every Day
October 18, 2013, No Comments

I’m Margaret Markley, the Tompkins County Dairy Princess. A lot of people probably wonder how or why people have decid ...

3 Every Day – Tompkins County Dairy Ambassador Shares Fun Facts
October 2, 2013, No Comments

3 Every Day Tompkins County Dairy Ambassador Shares Fun Facts I’m Lizzy Drake, Tompkins County Dairy Ambassador, servi ...

3 Every Day
3 Every Day
June 12, 2013, No Comments

The old saying is, time flies when you’re having fun and that was definitely true about this past year I spent as bein ...

3 Every Day
April 16, 2013, No Comments

Batter up! It’s spring time so that means baseball and softball are in full swing! Hi, I am Hannah Baker the Tompkins ...

3 Every Day – Beef Burrito with Pepper Jack Cheese and Black Beans
April 3, 2013, No Comments

Do you ever have a long day of work and you have to come home to a hungry family and cannot think of something to make? ...