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Posted by  //  October 18, 2013  //  3 Every Day, Articles

I’m Margaret Markley, the Tompkins County Dairy Princess. A lot of people probably wonder how or why people have decided to become farmers. Some people become farmers because they have a love for cows or they grew up on a farm and they are taking it over. Since I was seven I lived on a farm named Spring Weather where we raised and sold heifers. Then my farm ended up being a beef farm and we raised beef cows and sold them for meat but two years ago my farm became a beautiful registered jersey dairy farm again.

As I was growing up I’ve had a jersey cow named Dolly. We grew up together and I had an amazing connection and affection for her. My cow is my biggest inspiration, I have never loved an animal as much as I love her. If it wasn’t for my cow I probably wouldn’t have ever become a dairy princess or had the love for cows and milking. The main reason I want to be a dairy farmer when I grow up is for her. Soon enough it will be her time to go and she’ll leave me behind with tears in my eyes. I know for sure though I’ll never forget how we spent our summer afternoons taking naps in the field with her head wrapped around me. I’ll never forget long weeks at the fair, washing and trimming her. Most of all I’ll never forget getting up at 5 in the morning and sitting with her in the barn milking and sharing secrets with her. I’m not ashamed to let everyone know I talk to my cow. I’ll cherish all these past years we have spent together growing up. She’s the best part of my childhood.

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