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I know this is called Mike’s fish tank but sometimes I like to talk about other animals. One of the more popular reptiles we carry is the Water Dragon. The Chinese water dragon is native to East and Southeast Asia. It is also known as the Asian water dragon, Thai Water Dragon, and the Green Water Dragon. Colourations range from dark to light green. Diagonal stripes of green or turquoise are found on the body, while the tail is banded from the middle to the end with green and dark brown. Their undersides range from white, off white, very pale green, or pale yellow. But more attractive are their throats which can be orange or peach, but generally yellow.
Adult males have larger, more triangular heads than females, and develop larger crests on their head, neck and tail and are larger in general. The tail, slightly over two thirds of the entire body length, can be used as a weapon, for balance, and to assist swimming.
Like many other reptiles the Chinese water dragon possesses a small, irridescent, photosensitive spot between their eyes referred to as “the third eye”. It is thought to help thermoregulate their bodies by sensing differences in light to assist with basking and seeking shelter after sunset. Chinese water dragons are most commonly found along the banks of freshwater lakes and streams. They are active during the day and spend most of their time in the trees or plants. Though they will eat some vegetation, the diet of a water dragon consists mainly of insects, supplemented with an occasional small fish or even a small reptile. Water dragons are very friendly reptiles and some say they are friendlier than iguanas. It is important that any lizard be handled at least once a day for it to not become aggressive. Water dragons will eat mealworms and waxworms but remember waxworms have a lower nutritional value. Generally water dragons are not that expensive and they do make great pets.

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