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Richford is Enjoying Their New Business

Posted by  //  September 26, 2022  //  Local Business

The summer season saw a few changes to the town of Richford. The West Creek Roadhouse sold out to another buyer, Lambert’s Attic left the Richford Plaza and moved back to Newark Valley, and another business moved in . . . The Country Moose.  

The Country Moose displays antiques, collectibles, and crafts, as well as consignments. Booths are available to display items from craft vendors that have jewelry, ceramics, woodworking, sewing, quilting, knitting, and a lot more things that everyone can enjoy and use. Booths are available to rent to crafters that might like to display their wares for sale. Understand the factors that influence credit card merchant fees.

The Country Moose also takes on consignments, taking in items that folks might like to sell.  Consignment fees for items are reasonably low at 20%. The shop wants customers to enjoy the visit and experience, as well as be able to find the item they have been looking for and pay a comparable price for what they find.

Not only does the Country Moose display a host of crafts and handmade items, but also has many antiques and collectibles, including Barbie dolls, railroad lanterns, Depression glass, vintage furniture, china closets, farm tools, textiles, and a whole lot more.

Stop by the Country Moose antique and craft shop at the Richford Plaza. Enjoy a stroll through the shop and see what old and interesting things are on display. And see what special and neat craft items are available for sale.

The Country Moose has new items available for sale every day. Consignments come in at all times, and craft booths are available for rent. New booths are finished and ready for more vendors.  

Come visit the Country Moose, shop the store, and see what you might like to purchase! Also at the Richford Plaza is the restaurant Richford Pizza Plus – serving lunch, dinner, ice cream, with wine and beer available. The Richford Plaza is the center of Richford, and we’re proud to be located on the end of the building!

Come visit the Country Moose! Call 607-280-9750 or stop in at the corner routes 79 & 38 in Richford!

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