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There seems to be something about an ANTIQUES sign that draws attention to the traveler and curious shopper. Whether seen while driving along a winding road, in the heart of downtown or found as an ad in the paper, the word ANTIQUES magnetically draws the visitor to enter and explore the many treasures found within the walls of shops and barns. Often, the dusty and worn items stacked in small booths and along the walls, generate memories of “I remember my Grandmother used this… or I had one of these when I was a child.” Perhaps that is the reason so many can not resist poking about in these unfamiliar places. “I don’t need another thing to buy”, yet the lure to acquire a connection to a fond memory is hard to resist.

I have been an ANTIQUES dealer for several years. I seek, sort and display items that give me pleasure while I anticipate a satisfied customer. The selection is varied: decorative, useful, collectible and just maybe a good investment. Buying what gives visual pleasure and/or stimulates stories from long ago is the best reason to enjoy a visit to a local shop or advertised sale. Oddly enough, most antique shop owners have many interesting stories to share too. After all, we too share many of those same memories.

Kathy Beardsley, ATOG (A Touch of Glass) owner @ The Crawl Space, Little York and Papa Bears Antiques, Marathon and Downsizing Consultant @ 45 North Fulton Street in Homer.

2 Comments on "A Touch of Glass Antiques & Collectibles"

  1. Melanie Armstrong April 15, 2016 at 10:36 am · Reply

    Hello Kathleen,

    Terri Howell of USA Reality originally connected me to you.
    You very generously assisted me with antique estimates after the death of my brother in 2015.

    I’ve a few more items (part of the estate) which need to be sold.
    I am emailing to request permission to send photos of these items to you and further if these items may be sold through one of your shops…..

    Melanie D Armstrong

  2. Mark Franks June 27, 2017 at 2:26 pm · Reply

    Hello Kathleen

    I am the person who purchased the Frog Lake painting from you at Papa Bears, and love it. Do you still have the other Frog Lake painting? They would look nice together.

    Mark Franks

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