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Polarity Therapy Available in the Cortland & Ithaca Area

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Renée Lobdell, Associate Polarity Practitioner and owner of Elemental Energy Within, would love to introduce you to an alternative healing modality never before offered in the Cortland and Ithaca communities.

Polarity Therapy was developed in the late 1940s by Dr. Randolph Stone, a chiropractor, naturopath and osteopath, who sought to discover the fundamental laws of healing. After decades of study and practice of traditional Chinese medicine and India’s Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Stone concluded that all pain and illness stems from the disturbance or blockage of energy flow in the body.

Polarity Therapy is a holistic, hands-on approach to directly connect with the Central Nervous System (CNS) or Neuro-circulation. It allows the brain a chance to “turn off” as it re-establishes pattern or flow with the body and is designed to bring the body, mind and spirit into a state of vibrant health and harmony. Polarity Therapy is based on the theory that free flow of energy throughout the body is the key to good health. Disruptions in the flow of energy caused by stress, injury, trauma, poor diet and other factors, lead to problems such as a fatigue, pain, illness and disease. Polarity Therapy, which is often practiced in conjunction with other healing arts such as massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and aromatherapy, attends to the root causes of emotional and physical disease, allowing us to let go of old patterns as create lasting change.

Some of the benefits include: increases healing after surgery or injury, relieves pain, reduces stress & decreases anxiety – including PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), supports autoimmune disorders by boosting immunity, improves circulation, heightens self-awareness, improves sleep, increases energy, reduces joint inflammation, stimulates digestion & elimination, and strengthens and detoxifies the whole body, just to name a few. You can also take the help of experienced car accident lawyers practicing in New York to recover your claim to cover your medical bills and treatments. There is a knee pain doctor tampa fl that can help with injuries.

From an early age, Renée believed that living a healthy life shouldn’t be as difficult as it sometimes seems. When our body is in a state of dis-ease, life can be difficult and frustrating. When pain is relieved and balance restored, options for self-care and healing open up – options that we can’t see or access when we’re in pain. Information and clues to our dis-ease is readily available through Polarity.

Through an injury in 2003 years ago, Renée was led to Polarity. “I found temporary relief from typical medical methods, but not the healing I knew was possible. When I walked away from my first Polarity session, I felt reconnected to my own body and walked out of the session with tools that I could use immediately to support lasting healing”.  She spent the next 5 years getting her health and wellbeing back on track and realized she felt compelled to learn how to help others do the same. Renée began her studies at the Polarity Center of Syracuse and became fully trained in 2009.

Each of us has the ability to create sustained change in our bodies and lives. When injury or stress are present, it’s reflected in our bodies, emotions and on a cellular level. As stated by the Car Accident Attorneys Aronfeld, we have the ability to affect our own health and wellbeing, and in doing so, will affect the wellbeing of those around us.

As an Associate Polarity Practitioner through the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), I have developed an individualized whole body approach to wellness through Polarity bodywork and Ayurvedic principles. I am also a lifelong student of Vedic Astrology, a Licensed Spiritual Healing Coach and a Reiki Master.  As a Young Living Distributor, studied in herbal, color and crystal healing and I may integrate these methods into your session to bring balance and wellness back to you.

Why should you try Polarity Therapy?

  • It Increases healing after surgery or an injury by reconnecting the flow of energy to the area effected. When an incision is made to any area of the body, the energy flow is cut or re-routed to another area while the work is being done. In addition, any sudden injury (broken bone, torn muscle, bruising) creates a similar energy block. Polarity reconnects that energy flow to allow the body to heal faster.

  • Proper digestion is the key to good health. Digestion stops when we don’t have a strong energy flow to support the “digestive fire”. Polarity stimulates your digestion by balancing the flow of energy to the digestive tract. Proper digestion also increases the elimination of unwanted toxins.

  • It supports Chemo & Radiation: It calms the Central Nervous System (CNS) during and after treatments to help bring the body back into balance. Both chemo and radiation have proven to reduce the ability to fight off infection, digestion decreases, and it creates an overall feeling of discomfort, including the burning sensation caused by radiation. Polarity can increase the body’s immune system, stimulate digestion, and calm the CNS to reduce the unsettled feeling within your system.

  • Increasing the amount of restful sleep has been proven to increase overall health. Polarity will help to calm the mind and redirect the energy, which in turn “shuts off your brain” allowing you to get the sleep that is so important to good health.

  • Daily activities such as driving, sitting too long and heavy lifting can pinch off the flow of energy through the sciatic region. Polarity relieves sciatic flair-ups by reconnecting the flow of energy and releasing blockages that also effect the back, leg and foot areas.

  • Polarity is a proven immune booster. If you are dealing with an autoimmune disease, such as Lyme, MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, then you know how important your immune strength is. Since we seem to be seeing an increase in the number of individuals getting sick more often, it’s critical to keep our immune system running at full strength.

  • Polarity reduces anxiety & stress, in particular PTSD. It does so by quieting the central nervous system and allowing the brain to “shut off” the stressors which in turn can begin to bring peace and calming.

  • Polarity heightens self-awareness: Polarity Therapy is a combination of body work, nutrition, exercise and self-awareness to balance the flow of energy in your body and restore you to health and wellness.

Polarity is based on the individual needs of the client so no two sessions are exactly alike. A typical session lasts about one hour. During that time, we will discuss your health and other concerns. Based on that discussion, Renée will design the rest of the session, which will include bodywork and suggestions regarding nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. During Polarity bodywork, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. Renée uses a light, medium or firm touch with her hands on specific reflex and acupressure points. You may feel subtle sensations, which are often experienced as tingling, warmth, expansion or wavelike movements. She may also help you process thoughts and feelings, and develop strategies to reduce stress and improve wellness. Through this work you, as the client will become increasingly empowered in the healing process.

Renée currently offers her services at both The Dharma Wellness Center located at 55 Port Watson Street in Cortland and Adagio Restorative IthaSpa which is located at 200 Pleasant Grove Road, in Community Corners of Ithaca. Call Renée today to make an appointment and get started on your journey to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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