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Creature Feature – Tales from the Tree Stand

Posted by  //  November 20, 2022  //  Articles, Creature Feature

A few amusing anecdotes for hunters and non-hunters, alike!

From a stand on his friend’s family land, a hunter watched a doe approach.  She had been fitted with a blaze-orange dog collar, so he opted not to shoot.  Later, he relayed the encounter to his friend, who claimed the deer was his aunt’s pet.  The hunter didn’t believe him, so a few days later they visited the aunt.  She placed a can of sardines on a picnic table and called, “Baaaby!” Before long, the collared doe trotted out of the woods, climbed onto the table and ate all the sardines.

Early one morning, a sleepy hunter eyed a bowl of granola bars in the kitchen. He stuffed his pockets full and grabbed a coffee to go. Once settled in the stand, he dug in. Only after polishing off a few, did he realize they were FIBER ONE bars. Needless to say, the hunt was cut short by an onset of digestive distress, forcing him to abandon the tree stand for a toilet. 

A hunter parked his SUV at the end of a friend’s unpaved driveway on a quiet dirt road. Leaning against the truck, he pulled on his boots, which previously had deer attractant pads strapped to their soles from the prior day’s hunt. Then off into the woods he went… Hours later, the hunter returned to his vehicle, disappointed and deer-less. There his friend stood, laughing and pointing at several sets of deer tracks in the fresh snow around the SUV.  Likely attracted by the lingering scent on his boots, the deer had sauntered right up to the truck, leaving behind nose prints on the windows and smudges where they had licked off the road salt. 

Article & photo by Margie Manthey

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