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Creature Feature – Fisher Facts
February 10, 2020, No Comments

The fisher is a member of the weasel family.  It was nearly eradicated by early settlers, but has made a strong comebac ...

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Creature Feature – The Pileated Woodpecker
January 30, 2020, No Comments

The pileated woodpecker is quite large (crow-sized) making it easy to distinguish from our other resident tree tappers. ...

Creature Feature – Winter & Fish Activity
January 14, 2020, No Comments

What do fish do under the ice all winter?  Is the phrase “go to sleep with the fishes” based on fact?  Fish have d ...

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Creature Feature – Animals in Christmas Traditions
December 13, 2019, No Comments

Move over reindeer!  There are other animals celebrated around the world at Christmastime!  In some Latino cultures, t ...

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Creature Feature – The Porcupine
November 27, 2019, No Comments

There are over two dozen kinds of porcupines across the globe, but the North American porcupine is the only species livi ...

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Creature Feature – What’s in a Name?
November 16, 2019, No Comments

Many animal species congregate into groups of their own kind. There are different reasons why they do this. One purpose ...

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Creature Feature – The Black Rat Snake & Mimicry
October 31, 2019, No Comments

Like neighborhood kids dressed up as someone or something else on Halloween, there are wild creatures that practice the ...

Creature Feature – Owls in Folklore
October 17, 2019, No Comments

It’s almost Halloween… a perfect time to learn how owls have been steeped in superstition and folklore around the wo ...

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Creature Feature – Wood Frogs in Winter
October 4, 2019, No Comments

The little wood frog burrows down beneath leaf litter on the forest floor as the cold weather arrives. There, it enters ...

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Creature Feature – The Woolly Bear Caterpillar
September 18, 2019, 2 Comments

This fuzzy orange and black caterpillar is a sure sign of autumn.  It’s actually the larval form of the attractive Is ...