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Creature Feature – Good Luck!

Posted by  //  March 10, 2022  //  Articles, Creature Feature

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, when four-leaf clovers and the Wearin’ o’ the Green will perhaps bring some Luck of the Irish our way.  In many places across the globe, animals are considered symbols of good luck.

In Cambodia, a fish called the try kantrop is associated with health, well-being and good fortune.

Crickets are symbols of good luck across both Asia and Europe.  It is considered very back luck to kill a cricket, as they sing sweetly for all and cause no harm.

In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was featured on amulets.  It was thought to bring good fortune to the living, as well as to those entering the afterlife — so images of the beetle were sewn to mummy cloths.

In diverse cultures, including those with Celtic and Hindu traditions, the bright red ladybug is iconic of good luck.  Here in the United States, some say that if a ladybug lands on you, it’s a fortuitous sign!

Cranes are considered lucky in China and Japan, where they are associated with a long life.  Furthermore, cranes are an almost universal symbol of good fortune and happiness.  One reason may be because bonded crane pairs mate for life, and their courtship dance ritual is elaborate and joyful.  

Ironically, Ireland doesn’t recognize any animals as fortuitous symbols; but they’ve got leprechauns, so I guess they’re covered!

Wishing everyone a LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day!

Margie Manthey

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