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Creature Feature – Fox Friendships

Posted by  //  February 7, 2022  //  Articles, Creature Feature

Sometimes, animals surprise us when they exhibit behaviors beyond what we would call typical.  Take, for example, interspecies friendships: when a bond is formed between different kinds of animals.  This is a common enough occurrence between dogs, cats and other domestic animals; but what about the unusual, unexpected friendships that develop where one or both of the pals are wild critters?  

Wild foxes have been known to form quirky friendships with other animals, perhaps, in part, due to their playful and inquisitive nature.  Foxes have been observed initiating play and cavorting merrily with dogs (as well as “borrowing” their toys).  Some people are surprised to learn that foxes may also pal around with house cats.  Some of these friendships last for years, until one companion dies – revealing that animals—just like us—are capable of forming lasting, meaningful bonds.

I recently watched an amusing video of a red fox and a fisher engaged in a lengthy, playful game of animal “tag.”  Another account shared a series of trail camera images showing a large buck and a fox side by side and more of the same deer licking the fox’s face. The fox appeared to be enjoying it!

Wild foxes may even favor a human friend.  You can read about one such magical encounter in “Fox & I: An Uncommon Friendship” by Catherine Raven.

Article & photo: Margie Manthey

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