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Creature Feature – Oh Deer!

Posted by  //  June 16, 2021  //  Articles, Creature Feature

Many of us have had harrowing encounters with wildlife on the road, with most drivers reporting at least one close call behind the wheel.  Along with squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, woodchucks and even low-flying birds of prey, deer are among the most commonly encountered animals on our roads and highways.  They are also one of those most often hit.  Unfortunately, car collisions with deer can be both costly and dangerous.

Although accidents involving deer spike during the fall mating season when the animals are on the move, they occur year round.  In springtime, grass and clover are greening up along road edges, and deer relish the tender, new growth.  During summer, roadside mowing encourages more new vegetation growth, which continues to attract deer.  They also come to the roadways in winter to lick the salt used to manage ice.  So we inadvertently lure deer to our roads all year long, increasing the chances of potentially dangerous encounters for motorists.

To help prevent an accident on the road, be aware of deer activity warning signs, and slow down during dawn, dusk and evening hours when they are most active.  Know that where there is one deer, there are often others.  Drive defensively, anticipating “what if” situations, and avoid swerving, which can result in a serious crash.

Article & Photo by  Margie Manthey

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