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Creature Feature – Father Dear

Posted by  //  May 31, 2021  //  Articles, Creature Feature

Animal mothers are often responsible for raising their offspring alone.  Such is the case with ducks, deer, rabbits, otters and bears, to name just a handful.  However, not all wild fathers are deadbeat dads.  

Take the smallmouth bass.  He entices female fish to lay eggs within the nest he created.  After spawning, the females swim away, leaving Daddy bass solely in charge of childcare.  He aggressively guards the developing eggs and hatching fry from hungry predators. 

In addition to providing food for his mate and kits back in the den, a father red fox is both doting and indulgent.  He wrestles and plays with his offspring and also teaches them to start finding food for themselves by burying snacks nearby the den site. 

A Canada goose dad is extremely protective. While his mate incubates the eggs, he guards her and the nest, ever watchful for danger.  If an intruder fails to be warned off by his loud honking, Papa Goose may attack with bites and blows from his powerful wings.  This fatherly devotion continues after the goslings hatch, when he can often be seen taking up the protective rear during family processions to and from the water. 

Happy Father’s Day!

Article & photo by Margie Manthey

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