Wellbeing, Yoga, & Grief During the Holidays

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For some people, the holidays do not invoke a feeling of warmth and cheer. In fact, for many, it is their first holiday without a loved one, or in a new place and without community. For some, it is the first holiday after a divorce. It can feel the opposite of merry and bright, it can feel quite overwhelming and lonely.  My mother and I were just chatting about how my Grandmother had a bit of melancholy each year around this time. She struggled year after year with decorating, something that she used to do with her father. Her unprocessed grief made it difficult for her to engage with certain activities. 

A blog post on Wellness Force says, holidays can be full of strong emotions, and when grief is being navigated, it can feel oppressive and unbearable. It is possible, however to feel connection to others and find a pathway to healing, without getting overwhelmed. Yoga is a beautiful way to move grief out of the body and connected with others at the same time. Begin by allowing your heart to lead the way. Do not succumb to other people’s expectations and instead get present to what would nourish you. 

Yoga has a way of teaching us all to speak up for what we want and need, and this is essential when processing grief. Tell your loved ones exactly what you need, and do not need, from them. Remind them often because they may forget. Connect to a grief group, or people who have experienced a similar loss. Connection allows us to heal and can be powerfully comforting. I know what you are thinking, this article was supposed to talk about how yoga, specifically can help. We will cover that next. 

When you care about someone, your brain reacts with really lovely neurochemicals. When you lose someone, through death, divorce, moving away, etc.; those chemicals plummet, and stress hormones take over. Adrenaline, cortisol and epinephrine flood your body and you experience sadness and anxiety. This level of stress can also throw your body into fight or flight mode. 

Yoga practices have been tested on people experiencing grief and can treat stress, depression and anxiety associated with loss.  Aside from yoga, you can also go here to take a look at CBD because it can definitely help people who are struggling.  Click here to learn more about CBD and its uses and enhance the quality of your life. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains CBD, but not always is the opposite true, keep that in mind if someone has suggested a CBD product to you. Full Spectrum hemp oil will always be the better choice in those instances. Get yours now at Mountain Annie’s Dispensary. Moving your body and breathing in specific ways can improve your overall mood and sooth your nervous system. Yoga as grief self care is important all the time, and even more important during the Holidays when there is a higher level of stress in general. Yoga will teach you to STOP, BREATHE, and FEEL whatever is happening for you, to connect to the deep love that is underneath grief, and replenish your lovely neurochemical levels to a balanced place.

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