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Lately, I have been teaching more QiGong (pronounced ‘Chi Kung’) than yoga. After 20 years of study of yoga, this new mode of movement, meditation and healing has become very interesting to me.

QiGong is a broad set of practices, attitudes, and choices that assist us with living a life in balance, with plenty of energy, and minimal anxiety, worry, fear or disease.

It’s a process of active engagement in our own health in a way that shifts our experience of living to a life of choice, purpose and fulfillment.

It is said that ‘energy follows Qi (or Chi)’ so when a mental shift happens, such as making a choice to start a new movement practice, or to meditate, or to seek healing for an area of the body, this awareness immediately moves energy along the pathway of our intention.

Think of the ‘placebo’ effect, where, when a patient believes they are receiving a helpful treatment, they get better. Or, if the patient believes that their Doctor believes they will get better, they do!

Whether or not you are conscious of it, you are ‘practicing’ every day, with how you use your body, how you engage with your breath, and how your mind and attention moves.

A conscious, new beginning, with a positive intention for your life and health does have an impact. Each day, you can choose, to take time to move your body, think positively, and meditate. In just 10-15 minutes you can feel better, with less anxiety and stress, and more energy.

Christopher Grant
Yoga, Meditation and QiGong instructor
Radiant Living School at Yoga Farm

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