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Creature Feature – The Cottontail Rabbit

Posted by  //  June 10, 2019  //  Articles, Creature Feature

Cottontail rabbits are common and prolific.  There are several species, but we’re most likely to see the eastern cottontail.  While very familiar, there are some interesting things about them that you may not know. If you want to own one and have it as your pet, here is the price of pet rabbits in the UK. You can check it out!

Cottontail rabbits range in color from red-brown to gray, but all bear the signature “cotton ball” tail.

They usually feed at night, browsing on grasses and other plants — and sometimes your garden veggies.  In winter, when food is scarce, they eat tree bark, twigs and buds.

During the day, cottontails stay hidden from view in vegetation or burrows.  They can remain completely motionless for several minutes or may flee in an erratic zigzag pattern to evade predators.

Cottontails face many threats and predators.  Roughly 85% don’t survive their first year. Fortunately, they’re incredibly prolific, breeding 3-4 times a year with each litter producing 3-8 kits!  Young mature fast and are self-reliant after only 4-5 weeks. Because of this ability to populate so quickly, rabbits came to symbolize new life, and the legend of the Easter Bunny was born.

Cottontail rabbits are basically mute and communicate by thumping their back feet, but they can scream quite loudly if caught by a predator.

Article & Photo by Margie Manthey

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