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Creature Feature – Eastern Coyote

Posted by  //  December 3, 2018  //  Articles, Creature Feature

Many people are surprised to learn that the Eastern coyote is a hybridized wild canine of mixed parentage, with DNA from Western coyotes, wolves and even domestic dogs.  They’re opportunistic feeders, eating what’s easily available and in abundance. This includes both animal and plant matter, and their diet changes with the passing of each season. They provide excellent vermin control and also scavenge road kills. Coyote pairs mate for life.  Both parents care for the pups, which are born in the spring. Unlike wolves, coyotes don’t run in extended packs. Rather, the parents and that year’s offspring form a family unit, staying together until the pups learn to fend for themselves. The youngsters usually disperse by late fall or winter to seek out their own territory, sometimes traveling 50-100 miles away. You may hear Eastern coyotes’ evening concerts, filled with enthusiastic yapping and “yip-howling.”  While some people find these vocalizations disturbing, others enjoy knowing that there is diversity in the natural world around them.

Article & Photo by Margie Manthey

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