Today is All that Matters – What is Meditation?

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YOU are unique. Your life experiences, your body and mind, your relationships, your loves, your desires, are unique. A being like you has never before existed.

Meditation is a bridge of experiences – linking your inner world and your outer world, and integrating all of You back into ‘YourSelf’.

Yet, if you are trying too hard to ‘control your thinking’, or sit up straight, or follow a breath or mantra without interruption, you may get frustrated and miss out on some of the inherent benefits of meditation. We hear the following misconceptions regularly;

MYTH; ‘I can’t meditate because I’ve tried but I can’t stop my thinking.

MYTH; ‘I’ve heard there’s really a ‘best’ way to meditate; upright position for 20 minutes, twice a day.’

MYTH; ‘My mind is just too ‘monkey mind’, so I guess it’s not for me’

MYTH; ‘Meditation means the mind is really empty’

MYTH; ‘Meditation isn’t exactly ‘Fun’, it’s something you’re supposed to do, like daily greens and exercise’

Meditations can involve breath, sound, movement, touch, smell or taste. Meditation can be practiced  indoors or outdoors. Standing up, lying down, or sitting in any position, and there are also other options such as Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis that can help improving the mind and the body as well.

Meditations can last a few minutes or longer. Meditation can feel wonderful, and can feel turbulent at times – both are part of the process, and welcomed.

Whatever you welcome into your binaural beats meditation, and offer your kind attention to, becomes transformed.

“Meditation is a great gift to give yourself. It is a way to experience a higher quality of life just by going inside yourself and touching your center for a moment. It is a brief retreat from the world that lets you re-enter the world with a more vivid presence.

Meditation is about being intimate with your deepest self. Any sense of formality, any sense that you were doing a technique that comes from outside of yourself interferes with this necessary closeness.

Meditation is not one monotone mood of reverence , nor is it only irreverence. It is a wide open embrace of every possible mood, emotion, and current of your being: that is meditation’s simplicity.”

—Lorin Roche

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about meditation & self care practices, visit

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