Today is All that Matters – The Golden Principles, Part 2

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  • + Every Day You are Born Anew.
  • + Today, ‘Who You Be’, scene by scene, is All that truly Matters.

In Part 1, we discussed the first part of the Golden Principle how each day is a brand new opportunity – a fresh clean slate – in which You, the Hero of Your own Adventure gets to ice AS your kindest humanity in all your relationships throughout your day.

Today, we’ll discuss the second part; that Who You are Being, scene by scene, is all that truly Matters.

There are 4 points in this aspect of the principle;
1. Today – your entire life is really happening in a Day, between your awakening in the morning and when you dissolve into sleep at night.
2. ‘Who You Be’ – this speaks to your state of Being; what you are radiating or emanating based on what you are Feeling. A state of Being you are each familiar with is Gratitude. When you are embodying Gratitude it literally fills you like you are standing in a column of Gratitude Light, and you merge and dissolve with, in, and AS Gratitude. You BECOME Gratitude. It is broadcast out of you.
When you are acting AS Gratitude toward another, this is ‘Being, in Action’, or ‘Doing’. Think of how you drew the sunshine in third grade. A yellow circle in the center with spoke-rays poking out of the circle. Think of the Center as Being, and the spokes or arms as Doing.
3. Scene by scene – your Today, your One Precious Day, is made up of many moments, or nanoseconds, with a billion nanoseconds in each second.
Each ‘scene’ of your day is a mini segment of your day that has a beginning, middle, and end. For example, you are sitting on your porch sipping your morning tea. You hear a text ding. That signals the ‘end’ of that segment of tea sipping and a new scene begins while you text exchange your best friend in Hawaii. The doorbell rings and you look out to see it’s your son who arrived unexpectedly. The scene of texting your friend ends and the new scene begins with greeting your son. These mini scenes are what create the experiences of your day, the curriculum of your life, and what this Game of Love is all about is Who YOU are BEING, in each and every scene, all throughout the day. Each scene is entirely FOR YOU, with You, the Hero and central figure of your Story, is called to BE the Goodness that you naturally, inherently are, or you will contract in righteousness, and place a barrier between you and the expression of Love. We will go in depth about barriers and ways to dismantle them, so for Now, just consider we are getting our feet wet together here at the shoreline. Feeling the waters temperature, surveying the scenery, and just allowing these principles In.
4. All that Matters – Who You Be, in each scene of your One Precious Day is all that truly Matters. A colleague and friend of mine, Ram, loves sports as one of the greatest metaphors for life. He says that in sports, ‘the only play that ever matters is the only play that is in play.’ In other words, in tennis, the only shot that matters is the one coming at you. The one you missed earlier is over. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t exist. It’s gone. Vanished. Irrelevant. Does worrying how much you sucked at that shot you missed 30 minutes ago help you to be more present to the shot at Play, Now? Of course not. It’s a distraction. So, Who You are Being, NOW, is ALL that Matters.
Sometimes Who you are Called to Be is one who is making amends for something past, in the Living Moment,Now. Sometimes Who you are Called to Be is the embodiment of Grace in the Living Moment, Now. Your whole life is ONLY happening Now. We’ll dive in much more here, too, I promise. Again, we’re simply letting this bathe our whole selves right now, and letting It wash through us like a gentle warm shower…

So, if you have ever seen the movie Groundhog’s Day, you can appreciate the premise of each One Day is What Is, and each scene you are in is for You to Heal, Evolve, and ultimately Flourish as your Kindest Humanity. Life will, all on Its own, flush out your barriers via agitations, offenses, and judgements of yourself and others. And all so that you can live your Life so Alive and as the Clarity, Peace, and Freedom that is your absolute capacity and birthright.
You are here to shine as your Luminous, Radiant Self. Your doing so will remind and inspire others of their own Goodness,  their own Radiance, for Love and Peace are completely an Inside Job.

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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