Today is All that Matters – The Golden Principles, Part 1

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  1. Every Day You are Born Anew.
  2. Today, ‘Who You Be’, scene by scene, is All that truly Matters.

Those two sentences can be an invaluable companion and guide to test for yourself on the Adventure & Quest of your Life.

‘Every day You are born Anew’; When you awaken, each morning, there is a moment you have an awareness that You exist. At night, we melt and dissolve into the Vastness, and the event of your awakening in the morning is where you experience an awareness of yourself.

This moment in the morning is an invitation to Pause and presence yourself to the absolute Miracle that you are, and that today has been given to you, as a Gift. You have received this Gift because you are being entrusted with the Hearts of all those you encounter today.

Everyone you come in contact with us someone YOU are being entrusted with – not to fix or help them, but to simply be immeasurably useful for them with your Presence.,To See them, fully. To See their humanity and to remember that the essence of every being you encounter today is Pure Goodness. The illusion is when it doesn’t appear that way because you are upset about something someone does or says, however, a dear colleague of mine, Lori, says; ‘every UpSet is a perfect SetUp’. It’s a set up to show you where you are willing to withhold love from another because you have decided they are unworthy of It.

Notice if your mind is quickly seeking examples of where it’s justifiable to withhold Love. If this is what is arising, just take a look at how it feels in Your body, your Being, to withhold Love. Ultimately, we cannot withhold Love from another, we can only cut ourself off from the current and stream of Love within. That is why it hurts. The pain is our severance from our own Self, our True Nature of Love, within.

So, if you have ever seen the movie Groundhogs Day, you can appreciate the premise of each One Day is What Is, and each scene you are in is for You to Heal, Evolve, and ultimately Flourish as your Kindest Humanity. Life will, all on Its own, flush out your barriers via agitations, offenses, and judgements of yourself and others. And all so that you can live your Life so Alive and as the Clarity, Peace, and Freedom that is your absolute capacity and birthright.
You are here to shine as your Luminous, Radiant Self. Your doing so will remind and inspire others of their own Goodness,  their own Radiance, for Love and Peace are completely an Inside Job.

We’ll explore the second principle in the next issue.

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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