Today is All that Matters – ‘What do You Want & What’s Your Why?’: Part 1 of 2

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I’ve been listening to people describe how they long to experience a life of purpose and fulfillment for many years, and along with that comes the descriptions of the barriers they perceive are in the way. Those who remain fixed to the belief that those barriers exist outside of themselves (circumstances, health issues, financial hindrances, lack of love, lack of time) suffer deeply and little changes on its own; Fulfillment and Contentment don’t just spontaneously arise- for they require a prepared vessel to be able to fill. The misperception that barriers to the feeling of the experience of Fulfillment are dependent upon external is a root cause of being stuck in a perpetual cycle of suffering.

One’s Freedom is the ability to interrupt this pattern, and examine where one’s own mind and perceptions could be confused and misleading. The most important place to start to begin to free yourself from the limitations of the mind is by investing time and reflection with these 2 Game Changing Questions;

1.What do I Want? What feeling do I cherish so deeply that when I experience it, I am so happy to be alive?

2.What is my Conviction? (my ‘Why’) What do I believe so powerfully that It would inspire the way I live my life right Now?

Imagine your life as the Clarity, Freedom, and Love you could feel if you knew what you wanted to experience in your life – perhaps Connection or Meaning or Awe – and you began to recognize that your assumptions about life, yourself and others, left unquestioned are the source of Inner suffering; the very barriers that you yourself can dismantle.

Knowing what you Want is the first step of a process that leads to deep fulfillment. And, something ridiculous will happen when you ask yourself that question; What do I Want? You will hear something in response that brings tears to your eyes, if you dare Hear it. You’ll feel immensely uplifted when you Hear that One Word that embodies what you want; ‘Joy’. ‘Peace’. ‘Freedom’. And then, you’ll hear a second voice. A voice that will put you down and say things like; ‘you can’t have that, that’s ridiculous- no one will ever like you’ or ‘that’s impossible’ or, ‘don’t bother, you’ll mess it up like you usually do’ or, ‘that can’t happen for you, only for other people’.

There’s a voice within that is potent and caring and resonates with Truthfulness and Inspiration; and then there’s another voice that whispers put downs and criticisms, relentlessly about yourself and other people. It a voice that never tires on its own, and always seems to have and endless supply of critical opinions. Believing this voice is THE barrier between You and a life of Fulfillment, Awe, and Connection. The source of suffering is there; believing and living in union with that voice instead of nourishing the Voice within that says ‘You are worthy of Love’.

So, for the next two weeks, start to listen for which voice within you gets the most ‘air time’. Just notice. This is the first step moving a bit close to the life you are worthy of experiencing; a life you Cherish is your BirthRight…

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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