Today is All that Matters – ‘Three Gifts to Give your Mother’

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If I had a Magic Wand and I could create the perfect Gift for You to offer to your Mother (whether she is alive or not) this Mother’s Day it would be the Gift of Healing, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness. Combined, all three are the Gift of Understanding, which is Peace & Freedom.

Gift # 1; Healing; as a Coach and Counselor, I can tell you from sitting with many students and clients that everyone has unhealed business with their Mother – until they don’t. Your Mother, exactly as she was, was likely a ‘primary programmer’ in your life. She was a programmer in that all of her beliefs, assumptions, and patterns were transmitted to You. The patterns anchored in Love were installed in You, as well as the programs rooted in her fears. As an adult, it is now your responsibility to consciously examine everything you believe ‘true’ and to Questions your own assumptions and beliefs. Healing is the Art of returning to your memory of Wholeness, and that process requires an overhaul of sorting through what was given to you with the best intentions by your Mother (among others, of course) and determining for yourself what to keep as yours, and what to release. What uplifts and draws you closer to Love and what creates barriers within You between YourSelf & Love…?

Gift #2; Reconciliation; This is the Art and process of tending to any wounded aspects of YourSelf that you have perhaps ignored or hoped would just go away. They don’t. They will show up in dynamics and interplays in your present relations seeking healing, and they are part of what sources our habits/patterns/addictions that we turn to to change the way we are feeling. Our unhealed wounds, Reconciled, free You up to live Connected, Purposeful, and with Awe in your life in the Present.

Gift #3; Forgiveness; Forgive everything that has passed. Your Mother, in all her Innocence, absolutely did the very best she could. When we live in the world of ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’s’ (‘my mother should have been more supportive’, or ‘my mother could have parented me differently’) we can only carry the weight of the judgment and criticism. The bottom line is that your Mother, only could have made the choices she did, because those are the choices she made, AND, everyone, without exception, is always ‘doing’ the very best they are capable of, at the time. This Awareness is what ‘Understanding’ truly is, the Heart of Forgiveness. It reveals to You the Innocence of both your Mother, and All Beings.

My mother was Wise for these three simple aphorisms that she imparted to everyone, daily;

  • ‘Keep the Faith’

  • ‘For God’s Sake, Have Fun’

  • ‘Love So Becomes You’

I promise You, these 3 Gifts and 3 Aphorisms will serve You, for all your remaining days, in All your Relations. Test them for YourSelf, and Gift YourSelf,  and All others, Freedom.

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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