Natural Ways to Help You Attain Energy and Fitness

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Seeing the theme of this issue of CAT is Fitness and Health I thought I would focus on what products Nature’s Sunshine offers for energy and fitness.   The products I list are designed to help people have more energy as well as support exercise and physical fitness.  Exercise is a critical component of good health. Did you know that at, you can find a lot of fitness apps that will help you to work out whether is at the gym or solo training.

ENERG-V = This product is designed to address various problems about why a person might be feeling fatigued.  It contains adaptogens such as eleuthero, gotu kola and schizandra plus yellow dock to supply iron to combat anemia, herbs for the thyroid namely kelp and adrenals namely licorice root, high-energy foods namely bee pollen and barley greens plus herbs for immune system weakness (eleuthero, barley greens, rose hips) and capsicum to stimulate circulation. For the thyroid, TPO plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones. A Human TPO test detects antibodies against TPO in the blood. The suggested dosage for a general tonic for more energy is 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch or whenever you need more energy. This is much safer than drowning your body with extra caffeine. We’ve compiled a few truths about weight loss, diet, and exercise. If you’re looking to lose weight in the new year, this article is for you!

NATURE’S CHI = This is an energy tonic using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.  Instead of giving your body an energy “buzz” followed by a “crash” this formula gradually builds energy reserves.  It helps increase metabolism and reduce appetite.  It also helps overcome anemia and supports a healthy immune system.

SOLSTIC ENERGY = This product has 30 individual packets  designed to provide people with a healthier alternative to the popular energy drinks.  It contains guarana, a natural source of caffeine, green tea extract and ginseng.  These act as stimulants. There is caution though as this product is not for anyone under the age of 18 or people with adrenal exhaustion or anxiety.

TARGET ENDURANCE = This contains minerals chelated to amino acids that deliver them to the energy-producing center called the mitochondria in cells.  Research showed this product increased endurance levels by over 400 percent. For athletes or people who need more stamina, energy or endurance the suggested dosage is  1 or 2 capsules one to three times a day.

SOLSTIC REVIVE = This is also a product containing 30 stick packets for individual use. It replenishes electrolytes after exercise. It replaces mineral electrolytes namely calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  It can be consumed before, during and after strenuous physical activity or used as a beverage anytime during the day to replenish energy.  It can also be helpful during periods of stress, dehydration and malnutrition, such as loss of electrolytes following a bout of diarrhea.  It also contains glucosamine which supports bones and joints helping them to be more resilient to stress, plus amino acids, B vitamins and other nutrients that can help with energy.

There are more products in our line to support energy and fitness but once again I have run out of space. If you desire more information please feel free to contact me or you can also read more information on my website =

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosing or prescribing.

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