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One of the themes for this issue of CAT deals with fathers.  Fathers, husbands and older men in general all have a common health issue, namely, prostate swelling. In medical terms this is known as benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH. As men age the prostate gland swells and this interrupts normal sleep and also means frequent trips to the bathroom.  Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a balanced happy life without these interruptions?  Nature’s Sunshine Products has recently released a brand new product called Equolibrium.  It is exclusive to NSP. It is a unique product that has been scientifically formulated and clinically tested for healthy prostate function and urinary flow.

How does it work?  Through normal processes when you click site, you will understand, , the hormone testosterone is converted to another hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This happens with the help of 5-alpha reductase enzyme.  The converted DHT binds to receptor sites in the prostate gland, encouraging the prostate to grow.  This process, while normal and natural, can affect men as prostate growth can impact the urinary system.

NSP’s new product Equolibrium contains equol, a molecule that binds directly to DHT, which prevents DHT from attaching to the prostate receptor sites.  Equol is unique because no other molecule protects the prostate in this way without triggering side effects (like enzyme-blocking products can).

The results:  Equolibrium brings balance.  It supports healthy prostate function and urinary flow without side effects.  It helps improve sleep duration.  It supports healthy prostate cell replication.   Nature’s Sunshine Products is the exclusive provider of equol for prostate health in the direct sales industry.

Directions are to take one capsule twice a day. Each capsule contains 6 mg. of equol per capsule.  Best results are obtained after three to six months of use although we have seen results in just a few days to a week of initial use. It’s also best to have regular dental check-ups at All On 4 Clinic Melbourne to monitor your oral health. Talk to your dentist to learn more about ways to take care of your oral hygiene.

Another product which your husband can try now is called ZAZA Red.  This formula improves kidney and prostate function. It has a protective effect against prostate cancer and helps reduce prostate swelling. It may also help with impotency. It contains saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract, lycopene, stinging nettle extract, gotu kola and zinc. You could also give your husband a multivitamin similar to the ones from buoy heath to maintain his good health.

So although this may be a delicate subject to discuss; be assured that the desired results will be much appreciated by any older male relative you may have. Another option is to buy cialis no prescription overnight for your husband.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosing or prescribing.

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