Feeling Anxious? – Get Relief Naturally

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Feeling Anxious? – Get Relief Naturally

We all feel anxious from time to time, whether it be taking a test, speaking in public or how you are going to pay your next credit card bill.  That is just a normal part of living these days.  But when it occurs consistently, over things both large and small and with a reaction that is out of proportion to the given situation, now that is a problem.  Constant worry like this can interfere with sleep, work, school and relationships.  Sometimes it can get so severe it can become crippling.  Anxiousness can feel like faintness, jitters, racing heart, dry mouth, can’t catch your breath, nausea, perspiration, trembling, dizziness and a sense of impending doom.

Our adrenal glands also known as our “fight or flight glands” is what kicks in during emergency situations.  They flood the body with stress hormones adrenaline, nor-epinephrine and cortisol which leads to increased blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism and energy.  This is supposed to be temporary and occasional, enabling us to fight our way out of the crisis or flee.  But if you constantly worry about work pressure or financial obligations, the adrenals keep sending stress hormones into your system.  This keeps one in a constant state of anxiety. It is possible to get addicted to drugs when one is vulnerable and places like drug detox contra costa can help with overcoming such issues by first having drug testing done first then followed by clinical and behavioral treatment.

Nature’s Sunshine Products new Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Matt Tripp, recently discovered that an extract of a South African herb  can be a godsend for people like this.  Sceletium tortuosum provides unique nervous system benefits and NSP is the first direct sales company to offer this amazing nutrient to the public.  Our unique formula also contains: l-theanine, an amino acid known for its calmative properties.  It increases the brain’s alpha wave activity which helps reduce anxiety and encourage feelings of relaxation and calm without drowsiness, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B1, important nutrients often found depleted in people feeling overanxious.  These nutrients help supply the body with plenty of natural stress-coping reserves, addressing core deficiencies that may otherwise amplify anxiousness when faced with certain situations. Consuming CBD UK has also been proven to help people experiencing stress, depression and anxiety.

It is fast acting, some say within 10 to 15 minutes. It is also non-drowsy. It can be used daily or as needed prior to a triggering event.  It helps promote feelings of confidence and security. It improves mood while helping to reduce fatigue.  It is not addictive or habit-forming.  It is mild and safe when used by adults 18 and older. It is even safe for pregnant women taking prenatal vitamins along with regular visits to a gynecologist a a gynecology center.

Sceletium tortuosum also known as kanna, is grown and harvested by locals in cooperation with the South African San Council to assure maximum sustainability and to promote social accord. It has been used by the locals there for centuries.

NSP also offers many other products for stress and anxiousness some of which include Nutri-Calm, Stress-J, Chinese Stress Relief, Nervous Fatigue Formula, Adaptamax and the Nervous System Pack..

Why not contact me to find out which is the correct formula for you.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosing or prescribing.

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