Richford Fire Department

Richford Fire Department

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By Jaxyn Boyce

During the 1940’s the Richford Fire Department was established. It is currently located at PO Box 70 Bowery Lane. The fire station is volunteer-based with the mission of protecting and serving the Richford locals. 

Any emergencies car-related are responded to as well as any “man down” calls. There are different types of fire such as wildfire, interior, and exterior that these firefighters extinguish. There have been times when they’ve put out brush or wildland fires, as well as, structural and vehicle fires. 

For Emergency Medical Services response the Richford Fire Department is contracted through the state of Maine. Basic Life Service is provided until another EMS arrives. CPR and first aid are typically supplied if a person is not breathing or unconscious. 

All guidelines are determined through the National Fire Protection Agency(NFPA), including volunteer and paid firefighters. In addition, the Richford Fire Station holds public CPR classes that could potentially save a life. For anyone interested in assisting on any level of fire service, there is local training that can be arranged through the Fire Police, Exterior and Interior Fire Fighting. 

The fire station understands the importance of community involvement and hosts an array of events. Every third week in a month during the summer there are fundraising barbecues. At Rawley Park, they assist with the Trunk or Treat occasion. These firefighters however host the annual egg hunt and sponsor a Breakfast with Santa event. The focus is family-friendly fun that welcomes the community and creates long-lasting relationships between them and the Fire Department. For more information, their phone number is (607) 657-4414, and they can also be reached by email at

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