Harford Fire Department

Harford Fire Department

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By Jaxyn Boyce

Established in 1953, the Harford Fire Department construction was a community-wide effort. This station is one of eleven volunteer fire departments in the local area. Their equipment includes; two engine pumper tankers trucks, a brush truck, and a light and heavy rescue truck.

Serving as both Fire Safety and EMS, the Harford Fire Station provides a variety of safety prevention tools. For example, these workers respond to interior and exterior fires and have what is referred to as fire police who respond on chief orders to regulate and help in an emergency. Any rescue scenarios like, weather-related, missing people, car assistance, and flooding aid are issued with life-saving measures at the forefront of each mission.

In addition, the Harford Fire Department has a pump designed to drain houses or other places filled with water. On the EMS side, these firefighters are CPR and First Aid certified and are equipped to handle basic life-saving (BLS) emergencies. To be certified for fire safety and prevention, there is a minimum of two hundred hours of training with six months of EMT certification. Having the necessary skills is important at the Harford Fire Station and they run drills to practice for fire-related issues and re-educating with the equipment in stock. 

Each year, there is a pancake breakfast held three times a year as well as a pulled pork dinner to raise funds for the station. There is also a community safety event held in August to educate the locals on emergency preparedness. For specific fire prevention learning, people can learn at their open house. To show community support for Veterans and Memorial Day they assist in traffic control for the motorcycle ride event. Located on 760 NY-221, they can be reached on their Harford Fire Department NY Facebook page, or by email nickmarsh228@gmail.com.

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