Cincinnatus Fire Department

Cincinnatus Fire Department

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By Jaxyn Boyce

Established in 1906, Cincinnatus Fire Department remains dedicated to serving the community. Located at 5722 Telephone Road Extension, this fire station receives approximately 100 calls a year. Each professional firefighter has been certified and trained to operate and protect locals. Mask compliance, Occupational Safety and Health Administration certification(OSHA), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus training (SCBA), and firefighter education. 

In addition, this department extends instruction to practice drills in rural areas including; ladder compliance and building safety control. These workers also learn about fire hydrants and hose systems. Anyone interested can fill out a form and both the fire chief and their committee will process the membership applications.

As a firefighter, Cincinnatus Fire Department answers fire calls to assist with house or other additional fires that may occur. They also aid victims of car accidents and help with the aftermath of flooding. Similarly, these firefighters support other first responders in a search and rescue mission. Basic Life Support(BLS) is given in the event of an emergency until Emergency Medical services or paramedics arrive. Every single act helps ensure the safety and well-being of Cincinnatus residents. 

There are multiple events to welcome the community. For example, in the past, they have hosted a chicken barbeque and chicken dinner, as well as multiple breakfast events. These firefighters have also organized a medication disposal event, and Prescription Tack Back gathering. In June, this department holds a community yard sale. Then every July there is a Field Days event. For more information, contact Cincinnatus Fire Department by email at or call their phone number, (607) 863-4445.

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