Cayuga Heights Fire Department

Cayuga Heights Fire Department

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By Jaxyn Boyce

Established in 1955, the Cayuga Heights Fire Company Number One was formed. A group of residents volunteered. To avoid protection fees from the Ithaca Fire Department, the town of Cayuga and the North East portion of Ithaca was designated as the fire company’s jurisdiction in 1956. The station’s located at 194 Pleasant Grove Road, in Ithaca. Cayuga Heights Fire Station management is the Chief, three Assistant Chiefs, and four Lieutenants. As a volunteer fire company, these dedicated individuals are willing to serve the community. Anyone over sixteen is encouraged to apply for active membership at the Fire Station.

Cayuga Heights Fire Department provides basic fire protection and medical assistance. Basic Life Support(BLS) and Advanced Life Support(ALS) are offered. Any structural fires, hazardous materials such as gas leaks, and other fire issues are treated during an emergency. There are life-saving measures during flooding and car accidents as well. During searches, the fire station can provide extra people to assist. In addition, while the ambulance does not transport patients, it does have the necessary ambulance material except for a stretcher, in case of an emergency. Water resources come from the area’s fire hydrants. Cayuga Heights Fire Department owns two fire engines, a ladder truck, and an ALS truck.

All New York State Firefighters are Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations Certified. Others can extend their education, and become Interior Firefighting Certified(IFO). These volunteers have to be EMS Certified to provide medical care. Community courses are offered upon request, like CPR through the American Heart Association (AMA), and are free to residents. There are several instructors on site. Upon request, locals can arrange for a party at the Fire Department. From late September to Early October, there is an open house where people can visit to learn more about the station, their volunteers, and possible details about joining. 

There are other events like the summer movies at the station. Every Thursday Night, a movie plays for the community to enjoy. Community donation letters are mailed to locals asking for funds to support the Fire Station. These donations will help with the upkeep and possible upgrades for the Fire Department. The fire station’s phone number is (607)-257-2377, and the administration office can be reached at (607)-266-7454. Those interested in volunteering can email and CPR-related questions can be sent to

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