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A lot of people want to put tropical fish and goldfish together. I can never tell you if this will work.

The tropicals like the water upper 70’s near 80 and the goldfish like it cold. In the summer when I get goldfish, they sometimes have ice packs in the box. Also goldfish can live in ponds all winter as long as the water doesn’t freeze solid. Goldfish like it cold.

Some people mix tropicals and goldfish and it works, but it’s hit or miss. If too cold the tropicals could get sick and if too warm, the goldfish may get sick. Some people tell me they did it and it worked, but don’t count on it always working. If you do try it, be on the lookout for ick. That is the most common thing they’d catch. If you see tiny white dots all over the fish, treat with ick medication as soon as possible.

Many people put algae eaters in their goldfish tank. Algae eaters are tropical so if they don’t live long, it may just be too cold for them.

Some tropical fish are more sensitive to water temps and may catch ick easier. Fish like clown loaches, silver dollars, Bala sharks, Iridescent sharks, black neons are some of the fish that might get sick if the water is too cold.

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