Mike’s Fish Tank – Banjo Catfish

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A lot of people are not familiar with the banjo catfish. They are a cool looking catfish and I try to get them in whenever they are available. The common name of the family “banjo catfishes” refers to their overall body shape, with a depressed head and slim body. Habitats ranging from shallow backwaters to deep river channels to tidal estuaries.

They spend a lot of time hiding on the bottom so be sure to have some nice hiding places for them.

Although not schooling fish, they are tolerant of their own kind and also get along with other small aquarium species.

Like most fish, they are able to swim by undulating their bodies; however, they also propel themselves by pumping water through their gill openings to skip along the substrate. Some species are able to produce sounds by moving their pectoral fin spines back and forth making a sound like a croaking frog.

If you need to net one of these banjo catfish, be sure to use a brine shrimp net. The banjos are so spiny and sharp that they get caught in a regular net.They are excellent scavengers and are a cool looking fish.

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