Mike’s Fish Tank – The Head & Tail Light Tetra

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The Head and Tail Light Tetra is a beautiful, hardy and peaceful fish. The Head and Tail Light Tetra come from slow moving waters in the Amazon system, but it is not a slow moving fish. The common names ‘The Head and Tail Light Tetra’ as well as the Beacon Tetra were given because of the bright pinkish spot round its eye and another one near its tail. The Head and Tail Light Tetra also does well in slightly harder water that is a little alkaline. The Head and Tail Light Tetra is a moderately long lived fish, and will sometimes live up to 10 years, although the average is less than this. The Head and Tail Light Tetra is a schooling fish. Other fish that it is compatible with include the other Tetras, the Danios, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Guppies, Rasboras, and most barbs, as well as other small fish which are not excessively aggressive. The Head and Tail Light Tetra is an easy fish to breed and will occasionally produce young in a community tank that is not too crowded with fish, and is well planted. This fish does better in a well decorated tank. Head and tail light tetras are very popular and I try to always have them in stock. Put a group of 6 to 8 in a tank with dark colored gravel and it is very striking. They look great when you put in a school of glowlight tetras and some neon tetras. They all glow and look neat.

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