Mike’s Fish Tank – Tank Tips

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Some helpful hints for your tank.

Feed your fish small amounts at least 3 times a day. Fish burn a lot of calories swimming. They need food.

Keep your temperature at 78 to 79 degrees for tropicals, no heat on goldfish tanks.

Only float your bag of fish for 4 to 5 minutes, that’s all it takes to equalize the temperature.

After buying fish, take them right home and put them away.The sooner they get into your tank, the better.

Don’t mix tropicals and goldfish, it’s a bad idea because the temperatures are different.

Only get an algae eater when you see algae. They make algae tablets but they don’t always like them.

Also algae eaters are tropical so they might not do good in a cooler goldfish tank.

Do A water change using a siphon to drain off 20 percent of the water monthly. Always drain from the bottom where food and waste settle.

A lot of times people call cory catfish bottom feeders. Nothing eats the waste or decaying food off the bottom. They are only called bottom feeders because they hang at the bottom. They really should be called bottom dwellers.

The bigger the tank, the better your fish will do. Any tank under 5 gallons will always have more problems then a 10 gallon tank and up.

1, 2 and 3 gallon tanks are very hard on fish. They are most suited for a betta fish.

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