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This is not fish related but a lot of people ask how to keep crickets alive. A lot of people have lizards and they like to buy a quantity of crickets.

First, put them in a good size container, the more room they have, the better they will do.

Throw in some paper towel or toilet paper tubes, this gives the crickets something to climb on, and they are not all bunched up on top of one another.

Feed cricket food. Crickets are scavengers and will eat practically anything. But the better you feed them the better they will do. Try the cricket orange cubes. Its a gel like substance that is the crickets source of food and water.

Crickets drink a lot of water, if you are not feeding the gel food, be sure to put a flat dish of some kind in with the crickets for water. Don’t use anything too deep or they may drown.

Crickets do not like the extremes of temperature. So be sure it’s not too hot or too cold where you put their cage.

Actually dry dog food works well for cricket food, lots of protein. Remember the better you feed your crickets, the better you feed your lizard because they eat the crickets.

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