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I have a lot of customers who love goldfish and why not, they are easy to care for, they don’t mind it being cold and they do not get sick very easily. One of the favorites is the black moor, black scopes, and black butterfly. All are black with subtle differences.

The black moor is a telescope-eyed variety of fancy goldfish that has a characteristic pair of protruding eyes. It is also referred to as popeye, telescope and dragon eye in China. Black Moors have deep bodies with long, flowing finnage, along with the characteristic protruding eyes.

They are veiltailed and possess metallic scales with a velvet like appearance. Young Moors resemble bronze fantails. Their black coloration and eye protrusion develop with age. They can grow up to a length of 10 inches and do not lose that velvet like appearance with age. The lifespan of a moor is 6 to 25 years. The fish can range in coloring anywhere from a lighter grey to a dark black, but most Black Moor goldfish don’t stay pure black forever and many of them change colors from a rust color underbelly to orange splotches. Although their eyes are large, their vision is generally poor. Black moor goldfish are popular because their black color sets them apart from the more common gold color. Black moors do well with other fancy goldfish varieties. Other colors of the telescope family are the red, red-white, calico, chocolate, brown, blue, bronze, lavender, chocolate-blue, and tricolored. Black and white moors are called panda moors and are more rare and cost a bit more. Black moors do sometimes throw normal-eye offsprings, and they are black also.

Another variation of the black moor is the black butterflyfish. They look like a moor but have a longer triple tail that is gorgeous. They too are more rare and can cost a bit more.

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