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Pond season is fast approaching. Be sure your water has warmed up a bit before adding pond fish.

We haven’t had too many warm days and the water could be quite cold. Most of the pond fish available for sale are in water that’s about 62  degrees. So if your pond water is really cold, let it warm up a bit before adding fish.

Also when adding pond fish, let the bag float for 5 minutes to equalize the temperature. But no longer than 5 minutes, longer can be bad for the fish.

Pond comets, sarras, koi and shubunkins are all good types of goldfish to put in ponds. I feed the pond fish flakes when they are small and move on to pellets as they get bigger. Remember just like an indoor tank, do not add too many fish to your pond too quickly, you are still waiting for a good bacteria which will eat the ammonia.

Always try to put your pond in a shady area. This will cut down on too much algae growing in your pond.

The fish farms always tell me that Memorial day is the official start of pond season.

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