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Some helpful tank facts. Goldfish and tropical fish don’t always mix. Goldfish like it cold. 60’s or less. Tropicals like it warm, near 80 degrees. Algae eaters are tropical fish and don’t always do well in the colder water.

Set your tank up and let it run for 24 hours before adding fish. Only float your bag of fish 5 minutes before adding them to your tank. Floating your fish longer than 5 minutes will accomplish nothing. In fact it’s dangerous to float longer than that. The water in the bag heats up the longer you float and the oxygen starts to diminish as it heats up, and it becomes dangerous to your fish.

Ick is the most common fish disease. Looks like salt sprinkled on your fish. It’s a stress disease, caused by water too hot or too cold. tapping on the glass of your tank, fish being chased or bullied by other fish, floating your bag of fish too long. Any kind of stress can cause ick. If you see it on your fish, treat immediately with an ick remedy. If you catch it in time, you should be able to cure your fish before it can kill your fish.

Some fish are more susceptible to catching ick, bala sharks, clown loaches, iridescent sharks, silver dollars, and rummynose are a few of the fish that catch ick easily.

There are some other fish diseases that are less common but you should watch out for. Things like cloudy eyes, white patches on the body, blood streaks through the fins can all be bacterial problems and need an antibiotic. The ick medicine usually will not work on those types of diseases. The key to saving a sick fish is how fast you can medicate after seeing the problem, so check your fish daily.

Any fish can be a bully. Even community fish can be a problem. I have had people tell me their female guppy was bullying their fish. Check your fish daily, if you see a lot of fish with torn or frayed fins, you may have a bully. The fish that has no frayed fins, That’s probably your culprit.

Whenever buying fish on a really hot or really cold day, take them right home and put them into your tank. Extreme temperatures can cause problems with your fish.

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