Mike’s Fish Tank – Common Questions

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I want to go over a few things that people ask about a lot.

Do not change your ph. It is high in this area but fish will adjust. If you keep putting ph down into your tank, it’s going to shoot back up in a day or so, then you add more, then it shoots back up etc. This is what is bad for fish. Changing it over and over cause the fish to get sick. You may find there is a fish or two that just hate high ph, but for the most part, fish will adjust. Do not change it.

Another thing is a lot of people want algae eaters for newly set up aquariums.Best to wait until you have algae. They do  make algae wafers, but not all algae eaters like them. Most plecostamus like eating the algae off the sides of the glass.

Dechlorinator is another thing people ask about. If you forget to put dechlorinator in your tank, it is not going to kill your fish immediately. Over time the chlorine may burn the gills of the fish causing problems down the road. Keep in mind that any water you set out overnight, the chlorine will dissipate and you don’t have to worry about dechlorinaters.

The number one question I get is how long will the fish be ok in the bags. Best answer is get them out as soon as possible. There is enough oxygen to last a little while but the bag of water can get too hot or too cold depending on the weather. Also when you get home, only float the bag of fish for 5 minutes. Floating longer will only cause more problems. The temperature will equalize within 5 minutes. It isn’t that much water.

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