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Every year people have issues with their ponds and summer heat. Here are a few things to help that.

Shade your pond from strong sun rays.  Reducing sunlight keeps single-cell algae from blooming or turning your pond green. 

Either a pond dye or pond netting can be applied over the pond during longer periods of high heat to lessen photosynthesis.                      

Add Pond Aeration to help stabilize water temperatures. Aeration circulates top surface water with cooler low flowing water.

Dissolved oxygen levels increase with aeration which means your fish will stay active and healthy despite spikes in sun and temperatures.

You can do 10% water changes to balance warmer and cooler water temperatures.  Removing and adding water can be done every 24 hours. Avoid sudden temperature drops. You can find pond experts near me that can help with this.

Cut back on fish feeding. During high heat time periods reduce high protein food intake so your fish will eat more algae which is easier to digest and will produce less waste.

Do not add ice cubes or cold buckets of water to your pond. This may cool your water down but you risk making your pond fish sick. Sudden temperature changes can cause ick and other stress related diseases.

Add tall plants or small trees next to your pond so it will have more shade. This will help cut back on the sun reaching your pond directly.

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