Mike’s Fish Tank – Common Questions

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Some of the questions I get asked often. Why does my algae eater keep dying. A lot of people put algae eaters in new tanks just set up. There is no algae. They basically starve. Wait til you see algae before adding them. Also algae eaters are tropical. They like warm water. If you put them in a cold goldfish tank, they may not last long.

Another common question is People needing a bottom feeder.There really is no such thing. Some fish like cory cats, loaches and some of the sharks tend to hang more at the bottom of the tank. That’s kind of where bottom feeders started. No fish will eat waste or old food that has spoiled at the bottom of the tank. When you get a lot of bottom waste and old food, that’s

when you use your siphon, to get rid of it. If you watch your fish after you feed them, almost all of them head to the bottom to search for food that was missed.

Always siphon once a month to get rid of excess food and waste. Not doing that will eventually make your water cloudy.

A lot of people want to put quite a few fish in 1 or 2 gallon tanks. However it seldom works. The small tanks are more suited for a betta. Goldfish are messy and need filtration which the small tanks don’t have. Another common issue is don’t feed the same food all the time. Fish can get sick of the same food and stop eating. Some people wonder why their  fish die suddenly. Sometimes it’s just because fish starve to death because they don’t like the food. Have 2 or 3 kinds of foods and vary the diet day to day.

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