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Cory cats are a very popular fish. They are well suited to tropical freshwater community aquariums, as they get along well with other species and are not at all aggressive. Corydoras are quite timid and do well in groups of 2 or 3. Corys mostly hang at the bottom of the fish tank,so they should be offered sinking pellets If flake foods are used, care should be taken to prevent all food from being eaten by faster moving fish at the higher levels of the tank. Corys will come up to eat the flakes but then go back to the bottom to eat what other fish have missed. A lot of people think that corys clean the bottom of the tank, and they are good at finding food down there but they will not eat food that has spoiled.They will not eat the waste of other fish either.

So be careful not to overfeed as it can cause your tank to become cloudy.In order to get rid of waste or spoiled food, you must use a siphon.

There is a wide range of corys, spotted, masked, big, little, they are a great addition to an aquarium.

These fish are fairly easy to keep, being peaceful, hardy, active and entertaining. Occasionally they will dart to the surface, sticking their snout above the water for an instant to take a “breath” of air. This behavior is perfectly normal and is not an indication that anything is wrong with the fish.

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