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A lot of customers ask me about super delta bettas and half moon bettas. Delta tail betta fish are single tailed bettas.

Their tails have sharp, straight edges but they have a span of about 130 degrees or less. They are often mistaken for Halfmoons but Halfmoon betta fish have a 180-degree span.

Delta tail bettas have a delta or triangular shape, which explains their name. This type of betta fish also has symmetrical tails.

Super Delta betta are an enhanced version of the Delta. They are one step closer to the Halfmoon variety.

Be mindful though, of keeping bettas together in the same tank, as they are known to be very aggressive fish. They are available in various colors and color-mixes that are quite eye-catching when on display in any aquarium.

A lot of people do not think you can put a betta with other fish, but it’s ok as long as you do not have any fish that will go after their big tails. Bettas usually only fight with other bettas.They rarely fight with other fish.

Although you can put female bettas together, they usually get along fine.

Bettas build bubble nests, which the male does. Betta breeders tell me it can be hard to get a male and female to pair up.

Sometimes they go through several females before mating starts. And I have been told when the babies hatch,the baby males will start to fight even at that young age. One breeder says he has all these baby food jars everywhere with tiny baby male  bettas in them. How crazy is that.

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