Mike’s Fish Tank – Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some things I get asked a lot.People wonder why their algae eater keeps dying. They like warmer water, some people put them in with goldfish and goldfish like cold water thus the algae eater may die. Also do not put algae eaters in tanks that have no algae.

Yes, they do make algae wafers but not all algae eating fish like those. Wait til you see some algae growth in your tank, then add a fish that eats it.

Go easy on fish if you just set the tank up. Remember that good bacteria that eats the fishes urine takes awhile to grow. More times than not, too many fish too soon will lead to your fish dying.

For a new 10 gallon tank 3 small fish the first 5 weeks, 20 gal. tank 5 fish the first 5 weeks 30 gal. tank 7 fish the first 5 weeks, 55 gal. tank 8 fish the first 5 weeks.

Those 1 and 2 gallon tanks very hard on fish, your best choice is a betta. They don’t mind the smaller tanks, Tropical fish need a heater and filter which is hard to get on a small desktop tank.

and finally when it comes to cichlids, there is no way of knowing if they will get along with other fish or even other cichlids. They tend to be aggressive and do best in a bigger tank.

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