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Gouramis are a family, Osphronemidae.  The fish are native to Asia, from Pakistan and India to the Malay Archipelago and north-easterly towards Korea. “Gouramis” is an example of a redundant plural. Gourami is already plural, in its original language. Many gouramis have an elongated ray at the front of their pelvic fins. Many species show parental care: some are mouthbrooders, and others, like the Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), build bubble nests.  As labyrinth fishes, gouramis have a lung-like labyrinth organ that allows them to gulp air and use atmospheric oxygen. This organ is a vital innovation for fishes that often inhabit warm, shallow, oxygen-poor water. Giant gouramis, are eaten in some parts of the world. In Indonesia they are often deep-fried and served in sweet-sour sauce, chili sauce, and other spices.

Canned, fried gourami are available in China, and throughout the world in oriental supermarkets.

Generally regarded as peaceful, gouramis are still capable of harassing or killing smaller or long-finned fish. Depending on the species, adult and juvenile males have been known to spar with one another. Aggression can also occur as a result of overcrowding. Gouramis can be housed with many species, such as danios, mollies, silver dollars, barbs, corys and plecostomus catfish, but will often show aggression toward species with long, flowing fins like male guppies, and bettas.

Gouramis, particularly the three spot blue, opaline or gold and dwarf, are often kept in home aquariums. As labyrinth fish, they will often swim near the top of the tank. As with other tropical freshwater fish, an aquarium heater is needed. Gouramis will eat either prepared flake, live or frozen foods. Some species can grow quite large, and are unsuitable for the general hobbyist. The most peaceful of the gouramis are the honey,croaking,and most of the dwarfs, such as rainbow, powder blue, and red fire. The blues, opalines and golds are a bit more aggressive.

The pearl, chocolate and moonlight are larger gouramis and generally peaceful. Gouramis are a good choice as they are hardy and do not get sick very easily.

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