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During pond season and I do get people asking me about the different types of fish that go in ponds.

One is the Premium Sarasa comet. They have a deeper red color than standard comets, with less white. Most have long fins, spme have white “noses” or finnage. Maximum length is about 12 inches plus finnage. Like standard comets these are not much of a threat to plants. The Regular standard Sarasa has a more defined red and white pattern, And they seem to have an endless variety of patterns. Maximum length is also 12 inches.

Shibunkins are a hardy comet style fish with a red/black/white/blue/yellow/ calico pattern with a mix of metallic, and oversized scales.

Almost as pretty as koi, but sturdier, and don’t get as big. The maximium length is once again about 12 inches. Shibunkins are not inclined to destroy plants.

Domestic Koi born in the USA sport a variety of colors, patterns and scale types. Most of the time this type of koi generally cost $6.99 to $8.99 for a 3 to 4 inch fish. It’s the type of koi we sell here at Pets A Plenty. A lot of people do not want the expensive koi for fear of something happening to them. Animals such as Heron and raccoons can wipe a pond out quick. Koi can live for decades and get up to 3 feet long.

Koi do like to munch on plants or dig in their pots. A few Koi in a well planted pond  is no problem, but a lot of koi with a few plants is a snack break.

Koi are not quite as hardy as goldfish especially during hot summers or long freeze-overs in Winter.

Butterfly Koi are a special, long-finned variety of koi. Very graceful in appearance and movement, these get as big as their standard cousins.

Butterfly koi are slightly less hardy than the standard koi. Keeping them well aerated and protected from aggressive fin nippers help them to adapt. Prices on butterfly koi have gone up a lot the last few years.

Premium Koi are domestically bred to get the very best of colors and patterns. Prices may be a bit higher due to that fact. Where as standard koi are $6.99 to $8,99 for 3 to 4 inch. Premium koi can be double that.

Imported Koi: The Japanese got about a 2000 year head start in selectively breeding Koi and it shows when these fish are imported to the states. They are much more expensive than domestic koi, but the whites are creamier, reds deeper, blacks almost jet black, and markings much more defined.

Rest assured most people tell me the $6.99  and $8.99 koi do just as well as the fancier more expensive ones. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a really nice koi pond.

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