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A lot of people come to me and wonder why their fiddler crab died.

Fiddler crabs are only semi-aquatic, meaning they live both in water and on land. Males and females are easy to tell apart.

Male fiddlers have one large claw and one small one; females have two small claws. Hardy and easy to care for, crabs can live up to three years and grow to 2 inches in length.

The fiddler crabs sold in pet stores generally come from brackish water lagoons. Regardless what you are told, they can not survive indefinitely in water. They have to be able to get out of the water. I usually keep the tank half full with a decoration that sticks out of the water. That way they can come out when they want to.

Like all crabs, fiddler crabs shed their shells as they grow. If they have lost legs or claws during their present growth cycle, a new one will be present when they molt. If the large fiddle claw is lost, males will develop one on the opposite side after their next molt. Newly molted crabs are very vulnerable because of their soft shells. They are reclusive and hide until the new shell hardens.

Sometimes you will see the male waving his big claw, it can be a signal to other males to stay away or it is a courtship kind of thing to attract a female.

As far as feeding, they are scavengers and eat almost anything. I give them shrimp pellets because it sinks and they can it easier.

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