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The fluorescent color in GloFish is produced by an inherited fluorescent protein gene that is passed from generation to generation and creates the beautiful fluorescence that can be seen when looking at the fish. The fluorescent protein genes are derived from naturally occurring genes found in marine organisms.

There are several varieties of glofish now.The zebra danios were the first ones,then the glo tetras, after that were the longfin variety of glo tetras. Recently they came out with the red and the green tiger barbs. These have been a little bit harder to get, although we have had them a few times. And the newest glofish are the sharks. As of now there are just 2 colors of sharks and they are quite expensive but as more become available, prices should come down and availability should go up.

When it comes to the care of GloFish, their needs are the same as their duller freshwater brethren regarding tank size, water temperature, food, etc. Life spans average from 3.5 to 5 years, comparable to the average lifespan of tetras and many other aquarium fish.

Like all tropical fish, glofish like a temperature of 78 to 79 degrees and feed them a variety of flake food and freeze dried foods.


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