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It’s getting warmer and warmer out. Here is a suggestion. When you buy fish, do it when you are on your way home.

The water in the bag of fish is going to warm up quite quick, and as water warms, oxygen levels go down putting your fish at risk. Also when you do get home, only float your bag of fish 4 to 5 minutes. That is all it takes to equalize the temperatures. The longer you float a bag, the worse it gets.The temperature in the bag rises as it floats and oxygen levels once again will be depleted fast.

The quicker you get a fish home and into the tank, the better your fish will do.

Keep in mind the more hiding places you have, the better. You are bound to get a few territorial fish, even community fish can be naughty at times. An abundance of hiding areas will benefit your fish in the long run, as explained by Tropical Fish Care Guides. Also the bigger the tank, the better your fish will do. More space means less fighting, and water quality does not go downhill as fast in a big tank.

Also, in a new tank just set up, go easy on fish at least the first 6 weeks. I say it a lot, you need that good bacteria in your tank. It eats the ammonia the fish produce. Too many fish too soon and they will die in that ammonia environment.

I have had people put 30 fish in a new 55 gallon tank, and inevitably, the fish get sick and die. Go slow the first 6 weeks. Keep your tropical fish tanks temperature around 78 to 79 degrees.At the higher temps, they fight off sicknesses better.

Goldfish on the other hand like it cold, so do not use a heater on them. In the summer, if your house gets too hot and you have goldfish, blow a fan on the tank, sometimes this will help bring the temps down. Adding ice cubes is not a good idea. It creates pockets of cold that are not healthy to your goldfish.

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