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Happy Spring to You, dear reader! This magnificent time of year that is all about Renewal and Rejuvenation. You can feel and smell it it in the air. One of the Keys of reaping the fruits of the newness of Spring is to remember: New Growth happens when we Newly Greet the ‘familiar’.
It’s that simple.

To ‘Greet Newly’ requires an open mind, and curiosity. Children are curious. They welcome the unexpected, the unexplained, and the spontaneous.

To ‘Greet Newly’ invites us to loosen our grip on the attempt to control an outcome, soften into the Mystery of the unbidden moment, and to delight in the vivacious aliveness of the moment.
Can it be familiar if we greet it newly?

Never. So welcome to Heaven. The Wonderment of a new moment. What makes it new?

It’s how YOU choose to greet It…

Welcome the New this Spring from your Eyes of Wonderment and Humility.

Welcome the re-emergence of the Kindest version of You to lead at the helm of your life, to choose empathy and upliftment over withholding love or criticism.

Welcome the offerings of the Living, Present Moment with UnReasonable Love, and greet all that Is with the fascination and astonishment of an absolutely New Spring!

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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